TeamF1 Professional Services

TeamF1 Professional Services Profile

TeamF1 was born out of the belief that there is a genuine need for professional services to accompany software products in the embedded software arena. Unlike many companies in the embedded software world who tell customers what they — the vendors — offer, we like to ask customers what they — our customers — want. Bringing to bear validated TeamF1 embedded software components and frameworks many of which can also be licensed stand-alone, with integration and customization services to deliver customized, turnkey and ready-to-deploy solutions lets the customer make the choice between integrating our technologies into their products themselves or choosing to define the requirements and let us customize our products for them.

So whether TeamF1 software is a cornerstone of your next generation devices or securing a legacy one — whether you require a complete turnkey solution for a secure connected device or an incremental upgrade of your current system with new technologies, the TeamF1 professional services team stands ready to build up on the standard TeamF1 offerings, and provide the differentiation that your products need.

Just as TeamF1’s flexible perpetual and subscription licensing options let you future-proof your networking and security roadmap, TeamF1’s professional services let you fine-tune these technologies to meet your specific end-market requirements and certifications. We share our expertise and knowledge, in a partnership that will help accomplish your business objectives. In fact our goal is part of our name! With a seasoned technical team and a streamlined model for dispersed development, TeamF1 has successfully blended the responsiveness of a local US based team and cost-effectiveness of an off-shore operation which has resulted in successful engagements over the years since its inception.

Our Clients

At TeamF1 Networks we have been successful in building a strong partnership with our clients through our professional approach & Innovation. We truly believe our product should add value to customers business and help derive desired results.

Together D-Link and TeamF1 have brought an innovative solution, Business Cloud, in the field of device management utilizing a pioneering and proven technology “Cloud Computing.”
Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited (“Jio”) and TeamF1 are working together in delivering a state-of- the-art home gateway solution joint reference solutions for seamless “connected-home” experience.
With robust product portfolio and superior services in India. D-Link (India) Limited is working jointly with TeamF1 Networks to bring the latest turnkey innovative solutions to the market.