ACS Solutions

A rapid upsurge in the demand for seamless connectivity required inter- net service providers (ISPs) to deploy Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) or Home Gateways. The increase in the CPE deployment has created a challenge for the ISPs to have a facility to configure, provision and monitor all the deployed devices remotely in a cost effective manner.


TeamF1 Networks offers ACS server, a unified, scalable and robust device management solution enabling carriers and CSPs to automate the deployment and support of Data, VoIP, IPTV, and FTTH.

The solution provisions and manages devices such as gateways, routers, IPTV, STBs, IP Phones, femtocells, mobile hotspots, dongles, storage devices, ONTs, and more. It maximizes automation and ease of use and minimizes the need for professional services. It’s the easiest to deploy, integrate, and use.

  • Device-Agnostic Solution : TR-069 solution supports all types of devices over TR-069, TR-369 USP, SNMP, and other protocols. With the TeamF1 ACS Platform, all devices can be managed on one platform.
  • Dramatic Cost Reduction : The automated first-time installation and zero-touch provisioning directly decrease the need for truck rolls and minimize the number of incoming calls to the support center.
  • Remote Troubleshooting/Support :shortens the average call handling time up to 60% with remote troubleshooting capabilities for service provider support representatives (CSRs). It also features a set of automated tools for issue detection and response, a self-support portal/mobile app for the customer, provides Wi-Fi management and resolution tools for the end-user and service provider alike.
  • Scalable Architecture :Platform scales horizontally to provide an unlimited number of connected devices. It supports both local and geo-redundancy deployment of the platform, as well as cloud and on-prem auto-scaling
  • Multi Deployment Options : TeamF1’s Device Management supports a variety of deployment options like On-Prem, Cloud, and Multi-Tenanat Cloud options.

Key Features

  • Zero Touch Provisioning
  • Devices behind NAT (via STUN)
  • Parameters based group (Group) support
  • Job support to handle firmware upgrades, diagnostics collections, or batch processing based on scheduled date & time.
  • Reports based on units, profiles, groups, jobs, & provisioning.
  • Parameter Change Notification
  • SSL/TLS Security
  • Status & Performance Monitoring
  • Diagnostics & Troubleshooting.
  • Easy Integration
  • Re-branding

Supported TR

  • TR-069
  • TR-098
  • TR-104
  • TR-106
  • TR-135
  • TR-140
  • TR-142
  • TR-143
  • TR-157
  • TR-181
  • TR-196
  • TR-262


One Platform – Different Device Models in Multiple Product Lines.





Our Clients

At TeamF1 Networks we have been successful in building a strong partnership with our clients through our professional approach & Innovation. We truly believe our product should add value to customers business and help derive desired results.

Together D-Link and TeamF1 have brought an innovative solution, Business Cloud, in the field of device management utilizing a pioneering and proven technology “Cloud Computing.”
Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited (“Jio”) and TeamF1 are working together in delivering a state-of- the-art home gateway solution joint reference solutions for seamless “connected-home” experience.
With robust product portfolio and superior services in India. D-Link (India) Limited is working jointly with TeamF1 Networks to bring the latest turnkey innovative solutions to the market.