Security Gateway Solutions

The Security Gateway Solution (SGS) from TeamF1 is a comprehensive turnkey software package that combines a rich set of field-proven, standard components with an array of customizable options to provide OEMs/ ODMs the ultimate in product flexibility.

As a member of TeamF1’s TFOS® line of innovative prepackaged solutions, Security Gateway Solution enables OEMs/ODMs to deliver leading-edge VPN/firewall gateway devices to the market in record time at far less risk than traditional development approaches.

Devices built around TeamF1’s SGS offer end-customers ironclad, advanced networking security; easy-to-use device management features; and multiple gateway options.

In order to create specific instances of TeamF1’s SGS, TeamF1 leverages pre-existing software blocks that have proven their merit in numerous deployments, not only minimizing risk for OEMs but also keeping licensing terms flexible. And only TeamF1’s SGS can offer such a comprehensive set of features with completely modular packaging that allows for full customization to meet an OEM’s specific requirements.


  • Ironclad networking security
  • VPN tunnels configuration
  • Full IPv6 Support
  • Multiple gateway options to build more flexible devices
  • Offers a customized look &  feel
  • Provides Flexible Connectivity
  • Unified Threat management
  • Supports Captive Portal feature
  • Supports 3G/4G WAN

Architecture Diagram

Our Clients

At TeamF1 Networks we have been successful in building a strong partnership with our clients through our professional approach & Innovation. We truly believe our product should add value to customers business and help derive desired results.

With robust product portfolio and superior services in India. D-Link (India) Limited is working jointly with TeamF1 Networks to bring the latest turnkey innovative solutions to the market.
Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited (“Jio”) and TeamF1 are working together in delivering a state-of- the-art home gateway solution joint reference solutions for seamless “connected-home” experience.
Together D-Link and TeamF1 have brought an innovative solution, Business Cloud, in the field of device management utilizing a pioneering and proven technology “Cloud Computing.”